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Saturday, November 30th, 2002
11:05 pm - Okay, fuck it. I'm sick of this bullshit.
I am absolutely fucking sick of all this cynicism towards any sort of Holiday. Not just one person I know. Oh no. It's like 4 or 5 people I know, and they're all "Oh holidays suck, my life is a disaster, life has no meaning, I can't wear the little sailor hats, waa waa waa".

Why is it that I have to surround myself with people who seem to hate everything, from religion to holidays to any sort of emotion? I don't know how I manage. I know people who pride themselves on "not feeling emotion" which in my opinion (and yes, this is MY lj, I can post my goddamned opinion if I want) is, one, a lie, two, for the weak and moronic who can't admit that they've been hurt.

Every holiday I either encounter people at school or out of school that get miserable during the holidays and rain on other people's parade because they're in a bad mood. I am so freakin' sick of this endless bitching. Every happy day these people feel the need to bitch.

If these people's lives are as miserable as they claim they should put a bullet in their head and get it over with. Because if what they say is true, then their life really is miserable. And if they shot themselves, not only would they stop suffering, they would SHUT THE FUCK AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT FOR ONCE. People always complain about things and never do a damn thing to fix them. Fucking retards.

current mood: infuriated

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Friday, November 29th, 2002
11:13 pm - And now a post. Yes, a post.
Kim and I did funstuff today. It was cool. I know that's vague, but right now I'm gonna talk about something else.

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. For those who don't know what that is, Advent is when we Catholics prepare for the coming of Jesus (or preparing in symbol anyways since Jesus was already born) and on Fridays of Advent we have to fast. But not like Muslims and Jews. We fast (those who -do- fast, not many catholics do anymore...) by not eating but ONE meal in 24 hours. Yes. Not one meal per day or while the sun is up, but only one meal for 24 hours. And we're prohibited to eat anything else save water or light juice. Advent lasts until December 24th, Christmas Eve. Moo. I'm gonna start fasting on Fridays of Advent, so I must eat a LOT during my one meal. Moooooooo.

Kimi said she might fast with me too, which would be cool because it's nice to have support. Anyways, yeah. The Iliad kicks everyone's ass. Go read it now.

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Wednesday, November 27th, 2002
9:18 am
Well, let me post about yesterday.^.^

So... Schoolday went by uneventfully other than the fact that we got to watch Parenthood (Long live vibrators in the dark!). Afterschool however is a different story. ^.- Kimi gave me a latin name. Alfredus.

Anyways, afterschool we went to my house for a bit. Kimi played Kingdom Hearts while I played Simcity. After that we went to Chili's with Rachel and Soko. We never do stuff anymore... *sniffsniff* Anyways, that was fun. Afterwards we went to Starbucks where I proceeded to feel like a bloated cow for drinking so much, and then we came to my house. There I played Vice City while they watched. I hope it wasn't too boring....

After that they were most hellbent on watching hentai, so they watched Angels in the Court. Gratuitous sex! I'm sorry if I didn't sit down and watch it with you guys, but for me it's just a bit too weird.... ^.^''''' And moose? Sorry about not sitting down and watching porn with you, I know I missed out on some quality time together but... it's... 5 chicks on one guy. I will feel weird.^.^'''

And yeah. today Kim and I are going to go rent Parenthood and get Krizzy hopefully. Either way, Kim and I have to go grocery shopping so we'll be doing that early on in the day.

Oh yeah! Kim and I are going to Itzacon! Whoohoo!

Moo! Moo I say!

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Sunday, November 24th, 2002
11:32 pm - Time to post something I think...
Okay, let me start this post by sayinng that this isn't aimed at anyone, and that I don't claim to be an expert on the subject, this is merely an opinion.

Romantic relationships of any sort depend on many things, but one thing is very important. Motivation/Drive. How much you "like" someone matters little if you do not have the desire or drive to be with them. Drive can be thought of in terms of intensity. You can be willing to sacrifice a little bit of PS2 time or whatever to be with your loved one. But would you be willing to break rules? Would you be willing to leave your family? Would you be willing to move? Would you be willing to forgo money or college in favor of that one person?

Going to college is a major reason for most breakups in this country. Why? People seem to care more about college and leaving their parents than being with their loved one. What does this mean? That to that one person, at that particular time of their life, college is more important than that person. That's not bad, it's just the way it is. That means the relationship bonds were never strong to begin with... which is sad but true. I'm not saying that people have to sacrifice important things like college or work, because you'd be lying to yourself if you stayed with the person against your wishes. All I'm saying is people have to realize how they feel about their relationship and not get false hopes if they know what they want to do conflicts with their relationship. Why do people try so hard to stay together when they know that at the end of the schoolyear they will have to split up? If they claim to be so happy together, wouldn't it be reasonable to think that there's no reason to throw away something good? Why break up if you're happy with the person?
Let me tell you something:
People that break up are NOT happy with each other as they want to be. If they break up because of college it's the easy way out of the relationship, because being in different states makes it difficult to keep a relationship, thus making it a perfect scapegoat for breaking up. When people are happy with the other, they don't break up with them unless they are retarded. People that break up were not happy.

I'm not talking about anyone I know here, this is just me making an observation.

Love. Love is a strong word. Many people use it freely. Love leaves a mark that never goes away. When you love someone, no matter how much time has passed, no matter how short it was, no matter how it ended, you will always remember each and every person you loved in your life. (I'm talking romantic love).

Wouldn't you do everything in your power to stay with someone you love? Wouldn't you break every rule to be with someone you love? How much would you give, how far would you go for that one person?

This entire thing sounds corny, but if you really think about what I just said, I think you'll realize what I mean by it.^.^

current mood: pensive

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1:32 am
Okay so I know I never ever update but this... this merits posting.

So it was decided, soon after my moose left with Lysette, that I should reorganize my computer desk, right? Okay, cool, nothing wrong with that. I can do that.

I start cleaning my desk, and then I begin to realize that I don't like my computer where it is. So I move some furniture from my room to my living room. Big furniture. Then I unplug, reconnect, reorganize and rejack everything. I looked at the apartment.

It's a shit hole. I'm surprised we haven't found a mutated cow in here. So I clean up a little bit.

That little bit turns just some more cleaning which involved picking up garbage and putting things in place. and that escalated into more. I cleaned the chair. THE chair. Yes, the armchair is now SITTABLE. Then I decided to pick up laundry because it was annoying me. After laundry I thought it would be best to pick up all my computer games... reorganize my comp desk? Psh, yeah right.
The entire ordeal culminated in a Moral Cleaning Crusade of Righteousness that ended sometime around 1:10 am.

Status Report:
-5 FULL, yes, FULL bags of garbage. That is now counting the freakin' newspapers which take up at least 3 bags.

-One huge box full of shit I need to sort out. HUGE.

-One couch full of miscellaneous things that need to be sorted.

-The remains of a decaying cricket. (which were recently swooshed away by the vacuum cleaner... yes, I did vacuum at 12:30 am.)

-A reorganized apartment is now in place. Dining table has been moved and so has computer. Must get USB extension at some point...

-One messy kitchen that needs MASSIVE cleaning. I'll pay Kimi to do it If she is merciful she might... I hate kitchen work, I really really do.....

-More laundry than I've ever dreamed of.... we're talking 3 full baskets here. For one person.

Oh god... I'm sick. I'm a sick sick individual. You know what? My apartment looks nice now though... my hard work paid off. Despite those 5 full bags of shit that I have, I would say my apartment looks *drumroll* clean. *gasp* o_o. Kimi's gonna faint... she will, I know she will. She better say something nice. My head is killing me from all the work, I would take some Advil but I've already OD'd on allergy medication.

Everybody download the Forest Gump theme song. It's kickass.

I'm gonna go die now. *falls asleep*

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Thursday, October 17th, 2002
10:40 pm
01. favorite color: Black, white, blue
02. favorite drink: For even more delicious this horse
03. favorite computer accessory: Keyboard! YES!
04. favorite cookie: Chocolate chip
05. favorite author: Dante or... umm.... this horse!.
06. favorite beatle: I don't have Kimi's eloquent response... mainly cause I HATE bugs.o_o
08. favorite chipmunk: Dale!
09. favorite ice cream: Homemade Vanilla!
10. favorite lover: Moose!
11. do you believe in love at first sight: Sometimes... depends.
12. do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom: Usually I do. Unless I'm in a rush
13. do you put empty cartons back in the fridge: No.
14. do you do things you know you shouldn't: Every now and then...
15. do you take responsibility: Yes.
16. do you have someone else's underwear: Only Bubba's.
17. do you associate with people you don't even like: My math class has the future felons of America club.
18. do you have any psychological disorders: Bugs SUCK
19. do you drink diet soda: EEUUGH
20. do you kiss on the first date: Actually, Kimi and I weren't even on a date when we first kissed.
21. have you ever masturbated in front of someone: .... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON. GO TALK TO BUBBA O_O
22: have you ever broken the law: ......eheheheheh.
23. have you had one too many to drink: A few times. It's NO fucking fun.
23. have you stuffed cocoa puffs up your nose: ... you have issues, you know that?
24. have you backed into something: Almost.
25. have you graduated high school: May 2003.
26. have you bitten someone until they bled: I did that to my brother once... but he did it in return.
27. have you ever stolen a street sign: No.
28. have you ever been kissed: I've been going out with Kim for 13 months. I would damn hope so.
29. have you ever been in a food fight: A few. Don't fight with soup!
30. have you ever sucked helium: Nope.
31. what are you doing: Waiting for Kim to get OL
31. what are you talking about: Random stuff, mostly mooing a lot.^.^
32. what are you wearing: Boxers and my trenchcoat.
33. what are you craving: Cherry Cheesecake
34. what are you lusting: ... MORE keyboards! *fans self*
35. what are you lacking: A funky cold madina *sings*
36. what are you going to do after this: Talk to Kim on the phone and then sleep.
37. what are you dependent on: Kimi and my friends (and my dad!)
38. what are you hoping: Mooing. Hoping I can recruit a few young men into the Knights.
39. what are you reading: Kimi's IMs and Kazaa
40. what are you listening to: Virtual Insanity
41. last movie you saw:... hmm.... Nightmare before Christmas
42. last person you touched: Your mom.^.^
43. last person you yelled at: At a... stupid person. I'm sure.
44. last time you got mad: A few days ago
45. last person you told you loved: Kimi I'm pretty sure.
46. last thing you drank: Pepsi
47. last year, what were you for Halloween: Myself^.^
48. last year, you were: VERY different
49. last time you were on the phone: Earlier today before we left for competition
50. last song you heard: Michael Jackson "Thriller"
51. do you want to get married: A huh! ^.^
52. do you want to have children: I do... but Kimi's a wimp...^.-
53. do you want to tell certain people off: OH YES. Today at AcDec, this one girl....
55. do you want to be somewhere else: If people weren't important to me... FLORIDA
56. do you want to be someone else: Not really. I wouldn't have moose or other thigs if I weren't me.^.^
57. do you want to be famous: Hell no.
58. do you want to go for a walk: Not really...
59. do you want to hug anyone: My moose and perhaps Randolph
60. do you want to make a difference: It's why I want to become a paramedic
61. how do you feel about PDA: If there's no moaning or humping, I'm okay with it
62. how do you feel about the other PDA: Don't know what you're talking about.
63. how do you feel about sex: It's none of my business what people do.
64. how do you feel about president bush: I'm only for his antiabortion stance. Besides that he's stupid.
65. how do you feel about birth control: I see no problems with it.
66. how do you feel about abusive relationships: People who willingly stay in them deserve them.
67. how do you feel about the internet: It's my life.
68. how do you feel about your family: I love em but never see them
69. how do you feel about your friends: They know what I think.
70. how do you feel about abortion: Man... some cases are understandable but to say there's a -right- for a woman to take a life cause it's her body is just plain wrong. A baby is NOT a woman's body, it is it's OWN body.
71. do you like jelly beans: Some of'em.
72. do you like it when it rains: Only berry ones
73. do you like to drive: usually.
74. do you like to eat out: Yes.
75. do you like being home: Yeah.
76. do you like the people (or animals) you live with: I live alone.
77. do you like emo: The music?
78. do you like Microsoft: When it's not being stupid/
79. do you like your name: Kinda....
80. do you like the person you ganked this from: Moose!
81. worst musical artist: God... Tranzas (NONE of you know who that is)
82. worst feeling in the world: Insecurity and being alone.
83. worst color combination: Lime green and violet
84. worst color: Lime green
85. worst taste to burp: Get the hell away from me!
86. worst thing about people: Judgemental and knowitall.
87. worst thing about outer space: No air pressure! Boom!
88. worst element on the periodic table: MAN Stromium is SUCH a bitch!
89. worst disease / infection to get: Ebola.
90. worst position to sleep in: Standing up. It hurts.
91. you are: Confused
92. you are: Loved.
93: you are: Not hyper
94. you are: Male
95. you are: Your mom
96. you are: Eighteen.
97. you are: Bored
98. you are: Not common sense-ish
99. you are: A cow
100. you are: ...

I am not: A crazy opus dei person. They're scary.
I love: Kimi and my friends.
I hate: Mexican food!!! AGH!!!
I fear: Bugs. They suck
I hope: That I don't get bored. I don't like being bored.
I hear: My AC
I crave: Food
I regret: Not having common sense
I cry: VERY rarely
I care: Too much.
I always: think
I believe: Few things.
I feel alone: At home
I listen: To my head.
I hide: Myself.
I drive: More than I want to,
I sing: Not too good.
I dance: Not well.
I write: I don't.
I play: Kingdom Hearts. :D
I miss: My siblings.
I search: for nothing.
I learn: Quickly
I feel: Hungry.
I know: Superman isn't real
I say: ...
I succeed: When I'm not lazy
I dream: Of weird things.
I wonder: , nothing.
I want: Security
I have: lots of stuff for someone my age.
I give: As much as I can.
I fell: in love with Kimi moose.
I fight: Fiercely if I'm pushed.
I need: To no be lazy

I just didn't feel like answering the others.

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Friday, September 27th, 2002
8:12 pm

current mood: bored

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Wednesday, September 25th, 2002
8:43 pm - Stuff that no one wants to know, but I'm gonna say anyways.
So... since I never update, I thought I'd give my friends an unnecesary view into my life...

Well, needless to say, my good friends know what's happened to me in the past 2 months... things have been going pretty good... and I'm back into the church. So I joined the Knights of Columbus. I thought it would be the best way to help people around here. So I went and joined...

Man, I'm EASILY the youngest guy in the council. EASILY. Most people there are over 30. The average age I'd say is 42. Oh well, it doesn't really matter. They treat me like one of them (which I technically am) and don't treat me like some punk, which is quite an honor coming from well established men. I want more people I know to join. Unfortunately, I don't know many 18 year old Catholic males who would be willing to join, so yeah. I know onw, and I might convince him to join, but yeah. If anyone who reads this is interested in joining, CONTACT ME. DAMMIT. NOW.

Heheheh. I volunteered for the Knights booth at the balloon festival to help make money for the Council. The District Deputy and the Faithful Navigator of the 4th degree assembly were there. I'm going to be ascending to the 2nd and 3rd degrees of the Knights on October 25th. I can do it early cause I have a sponsor who just so happenes to be a Past Grand Knight *coughcoughkimi'sdadcough*.

So yeah. If none of you know what the Knights of Columbus are, go here:


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Sunday, August 25th, 2002
10:35 am

Okay... Since I'm bored I'm gonna post.^.^

I ate stale cereal... threw up all morning.... ugh. And you know what's worse? I KNEW it was stale, but I was so bored I ate it to see if it would hurt me. Well, let me tell you it DID. OUCH. The expiration date was a month ago... oh well.

In other news, I can't find a lot of stuff in that stupid PS2 The Thing game... the Thing can blow me for all I care. Also... my Sim is SUCH a pimp. He has 3 women and 2 men in love with him. OH yeah. I ramble when I'm bored... Here comes another week of school... but fear not! Mario Sunshine is released Tuesday, and many lost hours are ahead of me! Kimi's coming to my apartment to play that day, cause ALL we're gonna do is play Nintendo. (right Kim?)

Sunlight is evil. It's the cause of world hunger. I'm gonna write a book entitled "Sunlight and it's Effect on Famine", it'll be a best seller cause people will have never heard my theory. The sun sucks, therefor, the only logical conclusion is that it's the cause of famine. Kinda like eating popcorn kills whales (A economical theory Rachel and I came up with).

Okay, I'm SORRY my posts aren't as interesting as Krizzy's, but I'm a person too! I WANNA FEEL LOVED!!! BWAAAHHHH!!!!! *sobs uncontrollably in corner*

I know, I'm emotional^.^

current mood: dorky

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Saturday, August 24th, 2002
9:27 am - Yes, surveys are all the rage now.^.^
1) Handles: Gershwins (not many people will understand that horrible pun^.^)

2) Birthdate: May 21, 1984

3) So that means you're how old?: Eighteen

4) Hobbies: Being with my close friends, PlayStation, your mom.

5) Pets: I have a snake somewhere in my car... I'm sure of it.

6) Do you have a roommate?: Nope.

7) How are you: Tired. Woke up at 6.

8) Would you ever eat sushi?: NO

9) Would you ever eat sushi off a naked body?: I would eat a naked body off of sushi, but I'd never eat sushi off a naked body

10) Have you considered homosexuality?: Not really, no.

11) What's your sexual preference?: I'm pretty straight.

12) What were you in a past life?: Your mom.

13) I punch you. Quick, what do you do?: Grab your fist, break your arm, cave in your chest, break your nose and topple you wihle you're in pain. Then, I might ask why you did that.

14) What's your favorite coffee?: I like my coffee the way I like Bubba... Black.

15) What's your political perspective?: Everyone should give me their tax money, thus stimulating the economy.

16) Are you an Angel?: Yes.^.^ *shows pretty eings*....
Of course not!

17) Do you consider yourself a poet?: I could never be a poet.

18) What do you wanna be when you grow up?: A paramedic/physicians assistant and.... maybe an AP history teacher...

19) There's a naked man in your living room. What do you do?: ... Bubba, you're back!

20) How stupid do you think you are?: Quite, my taking math models proves it.

21) How stupid do other people think you are?: Everyone cept my friends think I'm an idiot...

22) Who the hell do you think you are?: YOUR MOM

23) If you could levitate, who would you scare first?: Umm.... peewee Herman.

24) Can you feel the love tonight?: Only if Elton John comes out in a pink feather boa. Only then. Nah, Kidding, I have Moose.^.^

25) On a nude beach, you would...?: Be clothed. Or thinking about my pants. Who the hell ever hinks "I love my pants, I like having my pants on. I like having pants" No one EVER thinks that when they're NOT nude.

25) How many personalities do you have?: 3.41

26) Can you do a cartwheel?: Psh, yeah! And I can break my head in the process too! Wanna see?

27) Do you have contact lenses?: Had, I can't stand them.

28) Do you snore?: Don't think so.

29) Do you drool in your sleep?: No.

30) Do you lick your envelopes or use a sponge?: Sponge... num....

31) Do you keep a journal?: No....

32) Do you like cotton candy?: OH yeah! All that's left now are candy tampons! (Hey Kim, don't look at me like that, YOU'RE the one who uses that cotton for reasons it wasn't meant to be used for.^.^)

33) Do you like to dance?: Kinda?

34) Do you like to sing?: Yeah, but I'm no good at it.

35) Are you any good at it?: See above.

36) Do you like where you live?: No. It's as lonely as hell.

37) Are you organized?: HAHAHAH!

38) Do you sleep with socks on?: Yes.

39) Are you shy?: I don't know if I can answer this question....

40) Do you talk to yourself?: At least 3 times a day.^.^

41) Are you a morning person?: Definetly.

42) Are you a virgin?: ?.... No... I have Bubba... NO ONE stays Virgin with him for "long"! (Long makes it even worse.^.^) Of course I am....

43) Where do you wanna go?: The Mushroom Kingdom. I want to have Toad slaves too!


44) Been kissed?: What kind of dumbass question is that??

45) Been on stage?: A few times, when I was in a band.

46) Dumped someone else?: N/A

47) Gotten in a car accident?: Have you seen my car??

48) Been in love?: Am more like it.


49) Coffee or hot chocolate?: Why do you ask such cruel questions? That's like asking "Do you want tuna covered chocolate, or rice with grape bubblegum?" I can't decide! I love them both!

50) Big or little?: LOL.

51) Lace or satin?: Satan.^.^

52) New or old?: 'Old' is good if it refers to "vintage," not just "decrepit piece of crap." New is good too. (Thanks Gopes^.^)

53) Jeans or cords?: Black dress pants.

54) Sweater or sweatshirt? Don't know....

55) T-shirt or tank top?: T-shirt. I have NO doby shape for a tanktop.

56) Skirt or dress?: Skirt!

57) Rose or Lily?: OOH!

58) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: *points to Moose*

59) Do you have a best friend?: Kimi.

In the last 24 hours, have you...

60) Cried?: Nope....

61) Helped someone?: Yes.

62) Bought something?: No.

63) Gotten sick?: Um...no?

64) Gone to the movies?: Nope.

65) Gone out for dinner?: No.

66) Written a real letter?: No.

67) Talked to someone you have a crush on?: I wouldn't call it a crush anymore.

68) Had a serious talk?: Yeah.

69) Missed someone?: Yes. Moose. My house is lonely.

70) Hugged someone?: Yes!

71) Fought with a friend?: No.

Do you.....

72) Wear eye shadow?: No

73) Put on a "front"?: Yeah. For people I don't know.

74) Kiss on the first date?: I've never had a "first date" until after I kissed Kim.

75) Have a crush on someone?: See above.

76) When's the last time you showered?: 4 weeks ago.

77) Are you tired?: Yeah.

78) Are you lonely?: Always.

79) Are you happy?: For the mose part.

80) Are you wearing pajamas?: I'm half naked in my trenchcoat if that counts.

81) Are you talking to someone online?: No.

82) What are the initials of your crush/interest/spouse?: KCW

83) Describe your ideal significant other: I don't need to answer this. The people who read this should know.

84) Describe your ideal date: 2 front row seats at an execution... NO WAIT! That's Stalin's dream date, not mine....

85) Sweetest thing that special someone has ever done for you: Let me crash at their house when I had nowhere else to go.

86) Have you ever skinny dipped?: Are you kidding? I NEVER go into water with clothes on!^.-

87) If so, been caught?: N/A.

88) Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: Nope.

89) Have you ever been intoxicated?: Yeah.... not too fun let me tell you.

90) Favorite place to be kissed?: That's MY business not yours thankyouverymuch.

91) Have you ever been caught "doing something?": See the above.

92) Are you a tease?: *looks at Kimi.... rings bell*

93) Gender of choice: Shemale. Kidding! Female.

94) Long or short hair?: Short.

95) Dark or light hair?: Light brown.

96) Eye color: Blue or green.

97) Short or tall?: Shorter than me.

98) Sensitive or Funny?: Both.

99) Good or bad?: Both.

100) Piercings?:Not anything weird.

101) Cologne: ...

102) Tan or fair?: PALE AS THE DEAD

103) Outdoorsy or indoorsy?: More indoorsy.

104) Feature you notice first: Physical? Face. Non-physical? personality. How cliche.

Are you a...

105) Wuss: Not really.. unless there's a grasshopper.

106) Daydreamer: OH yeah.

107) Alcoholic: Yeah, cause you know me!

108) Freak: Supercalifradilisticixpiyourmomoscious.

109) Dork: I like AP, does that count?

110) Bitch/Asshole: Most people seem to think so.

111) Brat: About my PS2 I can get quite bratty.

112) Sarcastic: A lot of the time.

113) Goody-goody: Your mom.

114) Angel: No.

115) Devil: No.

116) Horny: Inflatable dolls RULE!

117) Friend: Yes.

118) Shy: Don't know.

119) Talkative: Depends.

120) Adventurous: Depends.

121) Joker: I don't know.

122) Pimp/Playa: I am pimp!

123) Call-girl: Only on Saturdays.

124) Sporty: Nope.

125) Intelligent: I hope.

Word association:

126) Sex: Your mom.

127) Rubber gloves: Your mom.

128) Rock: hard. (LOL!!)

129) Green: Aliens.

130) Wet: Mario. (Hey, mario has that little spritzer thing, layoff!)

131) Cry: Worf giving birth.

132) Peanut: butter.

133) Hot: Date.^.^

134) Cold: Diamonds

135) Steamy: Sauna.

136) Fast: Speed of pain.

137) Freaky: Granny porn... STOP SENDING THOSE GODDAMN EMAILS!

138) Rain: Shine

139) Bite: Goat

140) Suck: LOLLL!!

141) Blow: *dies laughing*

142) Hard: Cafe

143) Extra long: LOL

144) Limp: *is dead already*

145) Needle: Kinko's

146) Honey: Porn.... I don't know why....

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Thursday, August 22nd, 2002
10:16 pm
Happosai and Shinji! ULTIMATE YAOI POWER.

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10:08 pm

Has anyone here seen the AcDec art books? THEY'RE HUGE! Bigger than Helga............ AND her nipples! I'm supposed to know it by tomorrow... that's 100 pages!! GAH! At least my coaches are cool... I'd die without any sort of moral support. It is tough don't get me wrong...
But one has this morbid sense of accomplishment frm doing all that work. I mean, it's at least 2 hours a day on AcDec work. AP Psych is taking it's toll also... one hour a day at least... AP English IV... let's not get into that. I got an 85 on a test but the rest it still to come.

When I actually do my work.... classes are tough. Not impossible, it's just that the workload is kinda... high *points to pile of books as tall as the Sears Building* I think there's a bird's nest in there somewhere. IB people... is it supposed to be this stupid? Books are stupid (I don't know how that makes any sense...) I was lucky to have no HW for tonight... but I've been so busy that I haven't touched my PS2 since school began... AT ALL. That's a lot for me... Hopefully the effort will pay off.

Damn... must study for AcDec and English....

I WANT A HOTDOG! *heroic stance*

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Wednesday, August 21st, 2002
10:31 pm - Oh my god... it's actually happened...
My dad's actually running for congress in Ecuador... I don't know what I think of it yet... but it would be cool if he got elected.

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Thursday, August 15th, 2002
10:46 pm
Signas and rush baby. Oh yeah.

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Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
11:22 pm - Senior Year
Well... my classes are pretty good I'd say... let's run down the list shall we?

AP Psychology:

Really cool course, SHITLOADS of reading, but it's easy stuff and the notes are really valuble, plus my teacher is awesome, our clas is 12 people, we can bring Starbucks and order breakfast, and her husband works for the Secret Service.^.^ Kickass.

BCIS: GOD why did I take this course? To read for AP English of course!

Math Models: JESUS this is for math RETARDS. Even I can get a 90 in this class, and that's saying a LOT.

History: Yeah, I'm stupid and failed. Sue me. *feels bad enough as it is*

Enviomental Science AP: This class is cool! My teacher kicks ass, she lets us order food and get the period off sometimes (only if we double block the day before). We learn a lot of really cool stuff like meteorology, volcanoes in detail and the like.

Lunch: Hmm... it's kinda tough, but I heard the end of year exam is easy...

AP English 4: My teacher, Ms. Terrell is also awesome. We get to read The Inferno, Frankenstein, and pretty much any book that ever mattered.

Academic Decathlon: Too cool for words. My favorite I think...


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11:20 pm - Senior Year
Well... my classes are pretty good I'd say... let's run down the list shall we?

AP Psychology:

Really cool course, SHITLOADS of reading, but it's easy stuff and the notes are really valuble, plus my teacher is awesome, our clas is 12 people, we can bring Starbucks and order breakfast, and her husband works for the Secret Service.^.^ Kickass.

BCIS: GOD why did I take this course? To read for AP English of course!

Math Models: JESUS this is for math RETARDS. Even I can get a 90 in this class, and that's saying a LOT.

History: Yeah, I'm stupid and failed. Sue me. *feels bad enough as it is*

Enviomental Science AP: This class is cool! My teacher kicks ass, she lets us order food and get the period off sometimes (only if we double block the day before). We learn a lot of really cool stuff like meteorology, volcanoes in detail and the like.

Lunch: Hmm... it's kinda tough, but I heard the end of year exam is easy...

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Sunday, August 11th, 2002
8:28 pm
A note to everyone:

A new school year is about to begin... some of us will leave shortly after it, some of us won't (No, no Ohio's will be discussed!* I mean it! >_<), point is, some people are not so sure if they can get good grades, handle the workload, and to that I say: Hakuna Yomama!

Honestly, we will kick this year's ass! I do mean everyone of my friends when I say that. I refuse to see people go into school with an attitude of "I can't do it". Now, I know my friends and moose don't do that, but I've seen other people who do and it annoys me. I shall copulate thee in the buttocks school! I stand in the face of a new year, with a mop and bucket as weapon and armor, all my friends should get mops too! And no, even in the face of the greatest workload, we shall persevere, like slugs in a damp sewer! We shall BE the slug, BECOME the slug!

Long live mops and slugs!

Did anyone else think that the blanket in the Brave Little Toaster was totally and completely homosexual?

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12:24 am - 2 spoons of arsenic helps the medicine go down.... *sings*
Arsenic is yummy when served with trout. Yum.... Arsenic soup....

I have an OFF bracelet! Hah! Back, foul beings of the mosquito-type! I condemn thee to live a life of odious smell, such as sulfur and Frenchmen! I feel random, but if I could think of something more intelligent to say, rest assured I'd say it.

WAIT! I thought of it! Toasted bagels with ice would taste good. So would bubblegum with ice. Or rice with ice cubes. Numm.... not to mention I still have to work on my "101 ways to peel a lemon" book.^.^ How about a book on the Frugality of forest wallabies? You know what's funny.... wallabies don't live in Forests... *has no life* I wanna be more like Magellan from Eureka's Castle. I wanna have a talking tail. Then again, if people saw me talking to my ass, they'd be worried. Magellan's tail was definetly not his ass. Can you imagine lugging around a heavy-ass tail that talks? IT would give anyone hemarrhoids, even the most promisciuous gay man would think it would hurt after a while....

God I shouldn't talk when I'm asleep....

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Saturday, August 10th, 2002
2:31 am
Ladies and gentlemen...

IHOP kicks everyone's ass.

... Yes, your mom's too. IHOP kicks your mom's ass. You heard me right!

Numnum sausage, blueberry syrup, hot and sexy, captain flapjack, breakfast porn, red bricks, tuna fish casserole, speakers, cd case covers, lamps, cool RTS stuff, random cow, bear with bow, duck with string, pasta, salt, fish, food, hungry, your mom, grannies that take it all, The pope in a thong, Guatemala is a banana brand name, coffee is 50% of my blood, I am a fallen angel, my cloak rules, santa claus finds a playmate in his room...

That's myy current train of thought.....

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Thursday, August 8th, 2002
10:12 am
Has anybody heard the disco music lyrics from the Sims?

It's all gibberish! It's the funniest thing I've ever heard! It doesn't even resemble english! LOL!

"waaa, chubishada, wikimolo berwati shalalala!"


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